Astronomy Spring 2007 - 2008

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Course Overview

In this course you will learn about some of the important topics in astronomy. We will learn about the night sky, the motions of the earth, moon, sun and planets, and how to be an amateur astronomer. Special topics may include stellar evolution, space exploration and astrology.


The grading policy of Astronomy is designed to reflect how much work you put into learning. If you put in the effort to learn the material you will do well. Your grade will be based on the following categories.


Homework may be corrected and handed back to me within two days of receiving the graded work. Students may take a week to complete corrections to lab reports and projects. Quizzes and tests cannot be done again for credit. For homework, copy the problems marked wrong and the corrected solution to a blank piece of paper, giving the name of the assignment, your name, and the date at the top. For lab reports and projects, submit a new draft along with the original draft for purposes of comparison.

Note: Only work handed in on time is eligible for corrections.

Make-up Work

If you miss class, and it is an excused absence, then you may make up the work you missed. You must see me before class starts or after it has ended and ask for the work. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to do it within two weeks.

Late Work

If you do not hand work in on time you will deprive yourself of the opportunity to make corrections. Late work is subject to a penalty of 10%. If the work is more than five school days late then I will not accept it. This applies even if your class does not meet on the fifth day.

Resources for Extra Help

I am available before and after school most days to provide help with your work. I arrive around 7 am and will usually be here until at least 2:30 pm.

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