Exam Wrapper

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to improve your studying and learning for the next quiz or test. By reviewing your quiz or test, you can determine strengths and weaknesses, reflect on your preparation time, and look for patterns. This process is known as metacognition, which means awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.

If your teacher assigns you to do so, come to an AEAST session within one week of receiving your score to do the following exercises.

Part I

With pen or pencil and paper write a short paragraph that answers these questions:

  1. How well did I keep up with studying for this lesson or these lessons?
  2. Did I take the time to reflect on the learning process and evaluate how well I understood the material? How successful was this effort: did I really have a good idea of how well I had learned the lesson or not? Explain.
  3. How did I take advantage of resources to help me learn the material? (For example, using AEAST time to ask questions or sending my instructor an email to make an appointment to get extra help?)
  4. How successful were my efforts to learn this material?

Part II

For each incorrect question write out the question by hand with pen and paper and give the correct answer. Write one sentence for each question explaining why you got the question wrong.

Part III

With pen and paper write a single paragraph explaining what you learned from doing these exercises. Include details about how you will be changing your study habits so that you will do better in the future.

There is a guide to successful study in the subject of chemistry available here for basic chemistry and here for advanced chemistry.

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