Late Work

Late work can be accepted under certain circumstances. Please read this document thoroughly so that you know what to do if your work is late.

Late Homework

If an assignment is for at-home practice and is designated as homework then its purpose is to prepare you for class. As such, the grade for the assignment reflects preparedness and not competence. The homework does not have to be correct: we will correct it together in class. If the homework assignment is not done at the beginning of the class in which it is due, then the assignment will be given a zero. Late homework is not accepted.

Late Lab Assignments

Late written work or designated lab assignments will not be accepted late unless you have a face-to-face conversation with your teacher. If you do so, and your teacher gives you permission then you have up to a week after the due date to turn in your work. There will be a 15 point penalty for late work. If the assignment is later than one week it will not be accepted.

Late Work with Prior Notice

If you know you will not be able to complete an assignment on time then speak with your teacher at least one full day before the due date. If it is after school hours, send an email. Make sure to explain the circumstances that prevent you from completing the work on time. If you ask nicely, you may get a small extension on the due date without a penalty.


It is your responsility to find out what you missed. You must do so the day you return to class after an absence. Any assignment due on a day when you were out is due upon your return to class unless there are mitigating circumstances. The above late policies will apply. If you miss one day, you have one day to make up missed work. If you miss two days, you have two days to make up the work, etc. If you do not meet these updated due dates then the work will be considered late in accordance with the policies given above. If the assignment given during your absence has a due date in the future that due date will not be changed.

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