Organizing Remote and Hybrid Learning

Because we are operating in a pandemic it is necessary to take precautions to guard everyone’s health. This document gives an outline of how our work will be organized. Use it to help you know the expectations you will need to meet in this course.

Here is a brief summary: Lessons will be given on a weekly basis. Whether students are remote-only, or are participating in a hybrid model there will be a week’s worth of assignments given at the start of each week or at the end of the previous week. All work will be due by Sunday night at midnight. Homework, if it is graded, will be graded on the basis of completion only. Feedback will be provided to students using formative assessments. These are short take-home quizzes that may have an online multiple-choice component but will always include 2 or 3 short-answer problems or questions. Formative assessments will be given a grade. Approximately, every two weeks students will have a quiz on a Wednesday. At the end of each grading quarter there will be a cumulative take-home test.

Here is an outline with a bit more detail.

  1. Assignments will be provided every Monday morning. The due date will always be the following Sunday night before midnight.
  2. Printed handouts will be available to students during the previous week.
  3. Work on Monday/Tuesday
    1. Cohort A is Physically Present. Expect the following:
      1. Check in via Attendance Form
      2. Direct instruction/lecture notes
      3. Guided practice
      4. Discussion
      5. Small group work
      6. Other instruction methods
    2. Cohort B is Remote. Expect the following:
      1. Check in via Google Meet and Attendance Form
      2. Stay online for days with direct instruction, guided practice, or discussions
      3. Do work on your own
      4. Check in at the end of class via Google Meet
  4. Work on Thursday/Friday
    1. Cohort A is remote, see Cohort B above
    2. Cohort B is physically present, see Cohort A above
  5. Work on Wednesday (two options)
    1. All students work remotely and take a quiz via live questions, do work on paper, and upload a PDF scan of the work by 12 pm; the quiz will be based on the previous two weeks’ work
    2. Review as a class: ask questions, get help, do classwork
  6. Labs. Due dates will be independent of the usual Sunday night deadline.
    1. Monday/Tuesday
      1. If a pre-lab assignment will be given it will be due in the previous week’s work.
      2. Live introduction for all students, present and remote
      3. Live demonstration of the lab for all students
      4. Cohort A does the hands-on portion of the lab. Cohort B works on lab questions not dependent on lab observations or data or works on other classwork.
    2. Thursday/Friday
      1. Neither the introduction nor the lab demonstration will be repeated
      2. Cohort B students do the hands-on portion of the lab. Cohort A works at home on the lab questions.
  7. Tests
    1. One per quarter
    2. Take-home
      1. Open notes, open book, open internet
      2. Includes a signed statement testifying that the student did not collaborate.
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