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Prove that the Earth is Round


People have known that the Earth is round for several thousand years. Columbus didn’t prove anything. But how did they know? How can you prove that you are standing on something that is round like a ball when it looks like it is flat?

It is your job to figure this out. Use the Web to find ways to prove that the Earth is in fact a sphere and not a plate. Your assignment is to collect as many proofs as you can (I know of six sure-fire proofs).

We will spend one hour in the computer lab to work on this assignment. Computer paper, rulers, a compass, scissors and colored pencils will be provided. Complete this assignment before our next class meeting when I will ask students to present their results to the class. The presentation will be graded separately from the written assignment.

My six proofs that the Earth is round will be published on my web page once we have completed this assignment.

Here are the proofs I came up with.
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