Chemical Equations Practice

Reactions to Write

Write an equation for each reaction and balance it. Also, identify the type of reaction.

1) The reaction of oxygen and hydrogen to form water.

2) The combustion of ethanol (C2H6O) to form water and carbon dioxide. In combustion, a reactant combines with oxygen while producing heat.

3) The combination of zinc and hydrochloric acid to form zinc chloride and hydrogen gas. Zinc forms a +2 ion.

4) The combination of sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate is HCO3-) with acetic acid (HCH3COO) to form sodium acetate (acetate is CH3COO-) and dihydrogen carbonate.

5) The decomposition of potassium chlorate to become potassium chloride and oxygen gas.

6) The combination of aluminum sulfate with barium nitrate to form barium sulfate and aluminum nitrate.

Equations to Balance

Balance the following equations and write them out in words. Also, identify the type of reaction.
  1.      Mg(OH)2 →      MgO +      H2O
  2.      C +      O2 →      CO
  3.      CO +      O2 →      CO2
  4.      O3 →      O2
  5.      Fe2O3 +      H2 →      Fe +      H2O
  1.      Pb(NO3)2 +      NaCl →      PbCl2 +      NaNO3
  2.      Cu +      AgNO3 →      Ag +      Cu(NO3)2
  3.      HCl +      CaCO3 →      H2O +      CO2 +      CaCl2
  4.      S8 +      O2 →      SO2
  5.      Al(NO3)3 +      NaOH →      Al(OH)3 +      NaNO3
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