AP Chemistry Procedures

Problem Sets

The problem set is worth 5% of every homework quiz. If you do not do the problem set (as demonstrated by presenting the solution to a randomly selected problem) then you can earn a maximum of 95% on a homework quiz. Here are the expectations for problem sets.

  1. You must do the problems assigned by the date on the class calendar and come to class prepared to request specific problems for your teacher to demonstrate solutions.
  2. You must post photos of your completed problem set to the Google Classroom assignment for the problem set by the morning of the day of the quiz. Without prior arrangements no documents posted later than 7:35 am on the day of the quiz will be accepted.
  3. A five-point penalty will be subtracted from any homework quiz for which a student does not post photos of their completed problem set.

Free Response Question Packets

In the lead-up to the AP Chemistry exam your teacher will give you several packets of practice problems from old AP Chemistry exams. You will be given a scoring guide so that you can correct and score your own work. It is strongly recommended that you take the time to attempt every problem without googling any answers or looking at the scoring guide. Use any other resources you care to consult including your textbook, notes, graded quizzes, or other classroom handouts. Work together with another student if you like but every student must write down their own work.

By completing the problems and the corrections you will earn a 100 for a grade worth 1/4 of a lab.

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