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Balancing Chemical Equations

Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Rephrase the question as part of your answer.

  1. Is it possible to balance the following chemical equation? Why or why not? Please explain in detail using your understanding of chemical laws.
    Zn +      O2 Arrowsngl     Fe2O3
  2. What law of nature requires that chemical reactions have the same number of atoms of each kind before and after the reaction? Why does the law imply that chemical equations should be balanced?
  3. A combustion reaction involves two reactants: oxygen gas (O2) and a hydrocarbon with atoms of hydrogen, carbon, and sometimes oxygen. A combustion reaction always has the same two products: carbon dioxide and water. Write a balanced chemical equation for the combustion of the compound, C3H8O.

Balancing Chemical Equations

Balance the following chemical equations using what you know about the conservation of matter in chemical changes. Combustion reactions are written by adding O2 as a reactant and carbon dioxide and water as the only products.

  1.     MgO +     Al Arrowsngl     Mg +     Al2O3
  2.     K2O +     H2O Arrowsngl     KOH
  3.     Na2O2 +     H2O Arrowsngl     NaOH +     O2
  4.     H3AsO4 Arrowsngl     As2O5 +     H2O
  1.     C7H16 +     O2 Arrowsngl     CO2 +     H2O
  2.     C10H16 +      Cl2 Arrowsngl      C +      HCl
  3.     C3H8 +      O2 Arrowsngl      CO2 +      H2O
  4.     H2S +     Cl2 Arrowsngl     S8 +     HCl

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  1.     Al +     H2O +     NaOH Arrowsngl     NaAlO2 +     H2
  2.     Al2(SO4)3 +     Ca(OH)2 Arrowsngl     Al(OH)3 +     CaSO4
  3.     NaOH +      Cl2 Arrowsngl     NaCl +     NaClO +     H2O
  4.      Cr2O3 +      CO Arrowsngl      Cr +      CO2
  5. The combustion of C2H4
  6. The combustion of butane (C4H10).
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