Homework: Density

           Mass          m
Density = ——————— or d = —
           Volume        V

The density of copper (Cu) is 8.96 g/cm3. The unit equality for this is 8.96 g Cu = 1 cm3 Cu

You have 35.47 g of Cu: 
what is the volume of the sample?
            1 cm3
 35.47 g x -------- = 3.96 cm3 
            8.96 g

You have 4.5 cm3 of Cu: 
what is the mass of the sample?
            8.96 g
 4.50 cm3 x -------- = 40.3 g 
             1 mL

  1. You have a chunk of aluminum (Al) with a mass of 17.6 g and a volume of 6.5 cm3. What is the density of Al?
  2. A cube of Al has a volume of 45.0 cm3 but you have no lab balance. What is its mass?
  3. Another piece of Al has a mass of 89.3 g but its volume is too hard to measure. Calculate the volume of this piece of Al.
  4. What is the mass of the ethyl alcohol that exactly fills a 200.0 mL container? The density of ethyl alcohol is 0.789 g/mL.
  5. A block of lead (Pb) has dimensions of 4.5 cm by 5.2 cm by 6.0 cm. The block weighs 1587 g. From this information, calculate the density of lead.
  6. What volume of Pb has a mass of 4.0 kg? (1 kg = 1,000 g)

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  1. A certain liquid is poured into a graduated cylinder with a mass of 124.35 g. The mass once the liquid is in the cylinder is 136.82 g. The volume of liquid in the cylinder is 15.8 mL. What is the density of the liquid? Can you identify it using information from another problem on this sheet?
  2. 28.5 g of iron shot is added to a graduated cylinder containing 45.5 mL of water. The water level rises to 49.1 mL, From this information, calculate the density of iron (Fe).
  3. What is the mass of 512 cm3 of iron?
  4. Sugar is used to fill a box with a volume of 200.0 mL and the weight of sugar used is equal to 316.0 g. What is sugar’s density?
  5. What volume would be required to contain 474 g of sugar?
  6. Balsa wood is extremely ‘light’. A cubic meter (1 m3) of the wood has a mass of only 170 kg. What is the density of balsa wood in g/cm3? Does it float in water? (1 m3 = 1,000,000 cm3)
  7. How is it possible to make a ship out of iron actually float in water?
Group Activity: Density
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