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What is between the
Particles of a Gas?

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Inside the balloon there are particles of a gas. What else is in there, if anything? Micah says there’s oxygen in between the particles of a gas. Ivan says that the space between particles of a gas is perfectly empty. Sophie on the other hand says that it must be air because air is always all around everything. Who is right? Explain using lessons you have experienced in class or your own reasoning.

Discuss this with the members of your group. Consider your answers carefully and try to come to an agreement within your group. Once you have done so write down what you think the answer is and explain why in two or three complete sentences. Do this silently and without further discussion. Once you are done compare your written answers with your group members and decide whose answer is best and most clearly states your position. Nominate someone to read your final, revised answer to the class.

Last updated: Oct 12, 2014