Homework: Reading and Response

Please read the articles found at these links:

http://archive.archaeology.org/0705/abstracts/isotopes.html or http://goo.gl/nIZGWS
http://www.livescience.com/48924-mystery-of-vampire-burials-solved.html or http://goo.gl/vKCjT7

Answer the following questions in a typed document:

About Grasshopper Pueblo:
  1. What was the question archaeologists had about the people who had lived in the Grasshopper Pueblo?
  2. Which strontium isotopes were involved in answering the question? How many protons and neutrons were in each of the isotopes used in the study?
  3. How do tooth enamel and bone differ in terms of the origin of the strontium isotopes they contain?
  4. How did the researchers determine whether the people of Grasshopper Pueblo had migrated or always lived there?
  5. What does the study of isotopes in ancient skeletons reveal about whether people were sedentary or migratory?

About the Polish Vampires:
  1. Why were some people buried in a way that was supposed to prevent them from rising from the dead?
  2. What hypothesis were scientists testing about the supposed vampires and why people thought they were vampires?
  3. What did the scientists learn about where the suspected vampires had grown up?
  4. How did isotopes of strontium help answer the scientific question?
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