Roy G. Biv: Remembering the Colors
of the Rainbow


A mnemonic is a device some people like to use in order to help them to remeber obscure things.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (order of colors of the rainbow from long wavelength to short wavelength)

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain

Ring Out Your Great Bells In Victory

Read Out Your Good Book In Verse (referring to the Bible)

Ring Out Your Granny’s Boots In Vinegar

A bit of additional trivia is that Isaac Newton added the Indigo color to the list of names of the colors of the rainbow because he thought there ought to be seven colors, not just six. Consider: there are seven days in a week.

Here is a more quantitative approach to the colors of the rainbow.
Wavelengths are given in nanometers (nm). One nm is 1 × 10-9 m.

Color Representative
Wavelength (nm)
Region (nm)
Violet 420 400 - 440
Blue 455 440 - 470
Blue-green 480 470 - 490
Green 525 490 - 560
Yellow-green 565 560 - 570
Yellow 580 570 - 585
Orange 620 585 - 630
Red 660 630 - 700
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