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Examples of Chemistry Problems My own beginning of a list of chemistry problems with instructions.
Web Elements Periodic Table A great site with loads of information about the elements.
Chem Team This site is an excellent resource for practice problems and detailed explanations of how to solve problems typically assigned in chemistry courses.
Here are some further chemistry related links I have collected from my own bookmarks. There are several hundred here and I don't guarantee that they work. Also, they're a bit disorganized but hopefully useful anyway!


Analytical Chemistry

EAC - John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
EAC - John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Exploring Chemical Analysis, 3e
GC - Guide to Gas Chromatography & Separation Science
GC - Guide to Gas Chromatography & Separation Science
Interactive Computer Models for Analytical Chemistry Instruction
Spreadsheets for Analytical, etc.


Alchemy Symbols--alphabetical
The Alchemy Web Site


absorbtion spectra
Absorption and Emission (Filters)
BYU Java Applets
Crude Rutherford Scattering Applet
Ideal Gas Law Simulator - Aaron Levine
java applets --chemistry
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer Light and Color - Electron Absorption and Emission Inte
The IrYdium Project -- Applets
The IrYdium Project -- Spectroscopic Simulator
Univ of CO Simulations
Animations at Iowa State :)
General Chemistry Online: Home
Resources for students and teachers of introductory college chemistry, including lecture guides, a question and answer board, a searchable glossary with audio, resource database, and programmed learning tutorials.
PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations
Teachers' Domain: Dissolving Salts in Water

Atomic Structure

Orbitals Shockwave Tutorial
The Orbitron


Gale Rhodes's Site
Graphics Gallery Amino Acids & Peptides
RCSB Protein Data Bank
Swiss-PdbViewer_ Download


Sheffield ChemPuter

Consumer Chemistry

Ingredients -- What's in the stuff we buy_
Ingredients -- What's in the stuff we buy_
Science of Everyday Life Chapter 10


A Non-Mathematical Introduction to X-ray Diffraction
Bonding, Crystallography and Crystal Defects
Crystallography and Mineral Crystal Systems
Diffraction Workshop
IUCr-Crystallographic Education Online
Materials Engineering Course at Cuesta College
Organisation of Atoms in Crystals
PSIgate - Crystallography
Quality of Macromolecular Models


Can Crush Demo _ Tank Car Crush Demo
Ballonmolekà le
Becker Demos
Chemistry Comes Alive!
Chemistry Experiments and Demos
Creative Chemistry -- Videos_Slideshows
Delights of Chemistry - Chemistry Demonstrations performed in Leeds
Demo Lab_ Reaction Of Magnesium Metal With Carbon Dioxide
Demo Lab_ The Thermite Reaction
Demonstration Descriptions BCCE
Dry Ice Experiments
Dry Ice Information
Fire in a Bottle
Fisher Science Demo List
General Chemistry Demonstrations
Harvard Lecture Demonstrations
Lecture Demonstration Sheets
Leeds Chemistry Lecture Demonstrations
N NJ ACS Demo Instructions
Supersatured NaOAc Rate Exp
U Illinois_ Lecture Demos
U Wisc Chemistry Demonstrations
Uni Siegen Experiments
Virtual chemistry
Wayne's Demos
BYU ll Demonstrations — Lecture Prep
List of all demonstrations available to teachers.
Elmhurst College: Demonstrations
Alkali Metal Bangs
Strange Matter: Featured Demo Liq Nitrogen
Play and learn online with the Strange Matter of Materials Science.
Home | Chem Toddler--great videos
Chemical Toddler - enjoy more than 200 virtual chemistry experiments with explanations!
Teachers stuff - Surfing Scientist - The Lab - Demos
The ABC's Surfing Scientist is Ruben Meerman who regularly does school science shows for kids agesd 7 - 14. On his website you can cool science tricks, lesson plans for teachers and lots more.

General Chemistry Online Glossary


History of Chemistry - Chemical Heritage Foundation


Annotated Chem Links from Allegheny College
Links for Chemists - Virtual Library Chemistry Section
Links for Chemists _ Virtual Library Chemistry Section
Rinehart's Chemistry Web Resources color
Rinehart's Index B-W
Rinehart's Chemistry Web Resources color
Rinehart's Index B-W
Sheffield Chemdex - Home

Nuclear Chemistry

ANS Public Information Nuclear-Related Web Sites
Decay Mode Table w-animations
Exploring the Table of Isotopes Berkeley Lab
Geiger Counter Lab
Intro to Nuclear Chemistry
Isotope table (divided) - Wikipedia
Manhattan Project An Interactive History
Nuclear Physics Glossary
Nuclides 2000 About Radiactive Decay
Nudat 2 Nuclear Data
Radionuclides in the Ocean
SDV Nuclear Glossary
Table of the Isotopes
Three Types of Radioactive Decay
Virtual Radioactivity Lab
Nudat 2
Official NuDat site, interactive nuclear structure and decay databases as well as plotting tools

Organic Chemistry

Microscale Techniques OChem Lab Book
Molecular Models at Okanagan Univ College


1H NMR - Intro
NMR Course

NMR Mosaic_ Basic Interpretation
Nomenclature and Structures
OChem Visual Demos
Organic Chemistry Online
Organic Chemistry Portal
Organic Chemistry Study Guide
Organic Compounds Database
Spectral Database System for Organic Compounds

USM Links

CHY254 OChem Lab Home
O=CHem Directory
Thin Layer Chromatography

Virtual Textbook

Infrared Spectroscopy
Organic Chemistry On Line
VirtualText of Organic Chemistry


American Chemical Society
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
The Environmental Literacy Council

Physical Chemistry

Boiling Point of Water Calculator
CHY371 resources
CHY372 resources
JFord Home Page
Mathcad in Physical Chemistry
Reducing Symmetry Representations _ Univ. of Hull
Thermodynamics and Stat. Mechanics

Polymer Chemistry

Macrogalleria of Polymers

Quantum Mechanics

Atomic Orbitals
The Orbitron_ a gallery of atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals
Orbitals Shockwave Tutorial
The Orbitron


A Guide to the NIST Chemistry WebBook


Atomic Orbitals
Grand Orbital Table by Manthey
Hybrid Orbitals
Valence Bond Theory and Hybrid Atomic Orbitals
VSEPR Primer

Chem in German

Acronyms and Abbreviations
Allg. Chem. Begriffe
Chemie Einfuehrung
Geschichte der Chemie
Periodensystem Applet
Periodische Tabelle der Elemente
The chemical elements -- die chemischen Elemente


Chemical Databases

ChemExper - catalog of chemical suppliers, physical characteristics and search engine
Chemicalland21, We don't make chemicals, we make your business be powerful
Chemicalland21, We don't make chemicals, we make your business be powerful
HIV_OI Chemical Biological Database
Spectral Database for Organic Compounds,SDBS

Chemical Properties

ASM Materials Information - Hydrogen Peroxide Online
Oxide_Cation Properties

Chemistry - encyclopedia article about Chemistry. Free access, no registration needed. What doe
chemistry explained
Combined Chemical Dictionary

Data Analysis

Mathcad in Physical Chemistry
Science Statistics

Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry
Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry
Geochemical Earth Reference Model (GERM) -- Home Page


Applet Decay
Chem Zone Lesson Nuclear Reactions - Nuclear Decay
Detailed Nuclide Data
Nuclear Chain Reaction
Nuclide Chart and Radioactive Decay Applet
Radioactive decay demonstration
Radioactivity Half Life
Table of the Isotopes

Links for Chemists _ Virtual Library Chemistry Section
NIST Physical Reference Data
NIST Ref on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty


General Chemistry Online Polyatomic ions
IUPAC Nomenclature Home Page
Table of Common Ions
Table of Common Polyatomic Ions

Periodic Tables

An Excellent Periodic Table (
Benfey's Spiral Periodic Table
Benfey's Spiral Periodic Table
Chemical Interactive Periodic Table
Chemistry_ Periodic Table and More
Chemistry_ WebElements Periodic Table
CRC Periodic Table Online
Environmental Chemistry
Flash Animation - The Elements, by Tom Lehrer
Los Alamos Natl Lab Periodic Table
Periodic table - Lenntech
Periodic Table Test Page
Pictorial Periodic Table
Visual Elements
Wooden Periodic Table Table Theodore Gray
The Wooden Periodic Table Table by Theodore Gray

Scientific Constants Equations etc.
The Analytical Sciences Digital Library -
The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
Conversion, measure, units, steam, water, viscosity, vaporisation, metric, system, SI, latent heat capacity
Steam, density, Specific, enthalpy, Steam, viscosity, heat, dynamic, water, latent, Physical, characteristics, capacity, units, measurement, conversion


CR Scientific: Experiment in Small-scale Silver Recovery

History of Chemistry - Chemical Heritage Foundation

Seminar Research


DeepView - Swiss PDB Viewer
Download ACD_Labs Freeware
JCE Software Programs for MS DOS
MDL Information Systems
Science Fonts
Science Fonts
Software Sources


Atomic Spectrometry

NIST Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data
Atomic Absorption and Emission Spectra
Periodic Table
Spectra of Gas Discharges
Computer simulation of the spectra of the gas discharge of various elements
Atomic spectra
Flame Test Colors with Spectra
Listing of Flame coloration which can be used to identify elements in minerals.

Basic NMR (chem-805)

Mass Spectrometry

Groups-Cheatham's Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page
Groups-Cheatham's Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page
dating -- Encyclopàdia Britannica
dating -- Encyclopàdia Britannica
Lecture Notes on Surface Science
mass spectrometry -- Encyclopàdia Britannica
mass spectrometry -- Encyclopàdia Britannica
mass spectrometry -- Encyclopàdia Britannica
mass spectrometry -- Encyclopàdia Britannica
meteoroid -- Encyclopàdia Britannica
meteoroid -- Encyclopàdia Britannica
STI Center
Groups-Cheatham's Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page
Groups-Cheatham's Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page
Groups-Cheatham's Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page

MSU Spectroscopy Guide
NMR Knowledge Base - The NMR Resource
Spectral Database for Organic Compounds,SDBS - spectroscopy and spectrometry portal
Secret Worlds The Universe Within


On-line University
WWW Chemistry Resources
12.4 The Ideal Gas Law
Adventures of an Alchemist
Atoms and Elements
Caveman Chemistry Hands-on Projects in Chemical Technology
CFCC Introductory and General Chemistry
Chem Info - Communicating Chemistry
Chemical Links Database
Chemistry - O
Chemistry Curriculum Guide Appendix
Chemistry Databases - Data Mining and Internet
Chemistry Home Page Lectures
ChemLab - Notebooks - How to Keep a Notebook
ChemTeam Bonding
CHEMystery An Interactive Guide to Chemistry web chem book
concep3Analogies and Metaphors
Elemental Data Index Periodic Table
JCE 2001 (78) 1144 [Sep] News from Online Teaching with Chem
Masspec Group - UofU
Result of Molecular Weight Calculation
SCI 420 Annotated Teaching Resource URLs, Inc.
The Science Room, Front Door
WWW Chemistry Resources
WWW Chemistry Resources
WWW Chemistry Resources

History of Chemistry - Chemical Heritage Foundation

Chem Safety

Maine - Chemicals in Schools

physical causes of color
Maine Chemicals in Schools
physical causes of colour

Molecular Structure

Molecular Geometry (VSEPR)
Re: Whats up with the Lewis dot structure of sulfate?