Demo Notes:

Exploding Soda Bottle, Mentos

Some additional notes: Sometimes Mentos can only be bought in a box, not in a roll. You could try putting the candies all into a paper tube so that they are all lined up together. That way they will not bunch up and prevent an even, fast flow into the bottle. Use a standard piece of 8.5 x 11 printing paper.

When I performed this demonstration with seltzer water I got only a half-hearted eruption. Interestingly, I have heard reports of a quite spectacular fountain of soda erupting from the bottle. Invariably, the people telling me about it say that a cola product was used, and not seltzer. Seltzer probably has more CO2 per bottle than cola but lacks any other additives. Perhaps the phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate, cola flavor, caramel color, sugar or aspartame also play a role in whatever makes the soda erupt. I suppose I will have to try it and find out!

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