Lab Equipment Scavenger Hunt

In this activity you will take a short period of time to become familiar with your new lab space and some of the equipment that is in it. You will need your lab notebook or at least a piece of paper that you can glue into your lab notebook later. Here is a list of lab equipment:

For each of the items in the list above make a space in your lab notebook for:

  1. The name, including all available sizes
  2. A visual description given as a single well-written sentence
  3. A sketch showing what it looks like
  4. A well-written sentence describing what the item is used for


Safety in a laboratory is the most important consideration in everything that you will do. To help you to be familiar with the safety equipment in the room, find the following items:

For each of the items in the list describe the item’s location in the room. Sketch a map of the room and clearly show where each item is found. Finally, using one or two well-written sentences, describe a situation in which you would need to use the item. Again, this work is to be done within your lab notebook.

Once you have completed your scavenger hunt bring your work to your teacher to receive credit. The first four people who finish will receive a special prize!

Parts of the text on this lab will not print out. This is by design. The parts that won’t print are notes for teachers. Students don’t need those notes and they are automatically excised from the printout.

Here is a link to the prize I am offering.

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