Doing Science: Buoyancy (66K)

A couple of thought questions to extend your report. Type up your answers and include them in your report.

  1. Imagine a string supports a cylinder suspended in water. The cylinder has a mass of 100 g. The balance reads 10 g after the mass of the beaker and water is subtracted. How much weight does the string support? Write one sentence justifying your answer.
  2. A rubber stopper has a mass of 10 g. When placed under water in a graduated cylinder it is found that its volume is 8.0 mL. Next, the stopper is suspended from a string into a beaker full of water set up on a balance. What mass will the balance read after the mass of the beaker and the water is subtracted out?
  3. What if it wasn’t just plain water? Take an object that has a suspended mass of 10 g in water. What would its suspended mass be in salt water, with a density of 1.1 g/mL? Explain your answer.

These questions are in addition to the normal Doing Science questions.
Here is a sample report for this activity.
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