Lab Report Grading

How it Works

For your information:
Scarborough Grade System
85 - 100 Strong
70 - 84 Competent
No credit:
55 - 69 Developing
0 - 54 Failing

On formal lab reports you will see letters that stand for each category above. Adding up the points awarded in each category yields your grade. I assign points based on my assessment of your achievement in each category. For example, if you have a large number of grammatical and spelling errors in addition to formatting your report incorrectly I might assign a grade of 60% for the S category and give 6 out of 10 points.

Late Policy

Lateness is not acceptable unless you were absent and have shown me proper documentation to prove your absence was excused. Arrangements to hand in work missed when absent must be made at the first class meeting upon your return. Late work is subject to a penalty of 25 points on a 100 point assignment. Late work will be accepted only within two days of the original due date. After that it will not be accepted. Incomplete work handed in on time will not be eligible for do-overs. Incomplete work handed in late will not be accepted.

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