Moon Poster Project:

Grading Form

Student Name: ______________________
Class: ______________________

The following items are worth 90% of the grade. The other 10% of the grade is due to overall features of your poster such as clarity, creativity, attractiveness, and readability. To calculate your grade find the average of the items below and multiply that average by 0.90. Then add the number of points at the bottom awarded for clarity, etc.

Category Not Present
0 points
60 points
70 points
85 points
100 points
Phases: Names & Pictures
& Phases in Order
Relative Positions of Phases
Phases Caused by Angle of Observation
Phases Rise-Set Times
Explain ‘Dark Side’
Rotation/Orbital Rate are the Same
Orbital Period vs. Phases Period

Clarity, Creativity, Attractiveness, and Readability:


Average for Accuracy and Completeness (see chart above for break-down):

______ × 0.90 = ______

Final Grade:

Project: Moon Poster
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