Inspiration and Reference

Chemistry, Chang, 7th edition. McGraw Hill, 2002.
Chemistry, Zumdahl & Zumdahl, 6th edition. Houghton Mifflin, 2003.
The Joy of Chemistry, The Amazing Science of Familiar Things, Cathy Cobb and Monty L. Fetterolf. Prometheus Books, 2005.
A great reference site: HyperPhysics
Another great reference site: HyperChemistry
I owe a huge debt to “ChemTeam”:
A great Electromagnetic Spectrum image
I have borrowed materials from Mr. Basset’s Site
I owe this teacher for the Glurch/Oobleck Lab:
A neat-looking site I might use:
A lab I used as inspiration: see my version: The Shapes of Things
The source of all the images of atomic orbitals: Orbital Viewer software available at