Lewis Dot Diagrams Homework

Molecules to Draw

Draw Lewis Dot Diagrams for the following molecules. Count up the total valence electrons before you begin and make sure they all make it into the structure you draw. Be sure to show all lone pairs. Be sure to see the detailed instructions about how to draw a structure.

  1. I2
  2. C2Cl2
  3. COS (C is central)
  4. NI3
  5. NO2
  1. Cl2
  2. MgBr2
  3. GeF2Cl2
  4. SiO2
  5. CSe2

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  1. KCN
  2. CH3SH
  3. CO
  4. ClBr5
  5. C2H2ClF
  1. C2H2O
  2. KrF4
  3. CO32–
  4. AsO33–
  5. SCl6
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