Hydrogen Atom Game
Simulator Referee Guidelines

Students serving as referees must have mastered the skills required by the game to the extent that they can quickly check others’ calculations. Serving as a referee is an honor and is a chance to exercise and develop skills of leadership. This sheet outlines the duties and expectations for referees.

As a referee your job is to:
  1. Explain the rules and help teams to have a smoothly running game.
  2. Help with calculations as needed. (This should only be necessary early in the game: later on students will have to be on their own).
  3. Cheer on all players and help to keep them focused on the game. Figure out whose turn it is a help them get started if a pair of teams has stopped playing.
  4. Settle disputes about which team has the correct answer. The referee must listen to both sides and decide who has the correct answer and who has the better case. Points awarded by the referee are final.
  5. Keep track of your calculations in settling disputes to get homework credit.
  6. Time Spontaneous Emission competitions in case four cards in a row are drawn with no emission or absorption. (See rules).
  7. Choose an emission transition and time a race between teams in case of a tie breaker. First team to finish with all correct answers wins the tie breaker.

The decisions of a referee are final but referees can bring questions to the teacher for an opinion.

Rules of the Game
Examples for the calculations required in this game
Score Sheet
Backs of Playing Cards
Playing Cards Page 1
Playing Cards Page 2
Playing Cards Page 3
Playing Cards Page 4
Hydrogen Atom Energy Level Diagram Playing Board
Emission and Absorption Spectra page
Rules of the Game
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