Group Work:

Problem Solving Process

  1. Group members elect the officers: Leader, Observer, Presenter, and Recorder. Students cannot repeat officership until they have been each officer once in the previous four group-work sessions.
  2. The Leader selects a problem and reads it aloud. This is important as it helps to get everyone focused on the problem.
  3. The Leader discusses tactics/approach with the group. Everyone’s input is important but the leader decides how to proceed.
  4. Everyone works on the problem and writes down their own problem-solving steps. These notes will be important for helping you to solve problems in the future. The Recorder should not write anything on their paper until the problem has been completely solved. Work on scrap paper at first.
  5. The Leader determines when consensus has been reached about the method used to solve the problem and the result.
  6. The Recorder writes down how the group solved the problem on his/her own paper. The group helps the recorder to get it straight. Neatness and orderliness are very important here since this is what the Presenter must use and what the teacher will have to read.
  7. The group helps the Presenter to prepare to demonstrate the solution of the problem to the class. Just giving the answer is not enough: the Presenter must show the steps used to get to the solution.
  8. The Observer notes problems with communication and members who “don’t get it” while the group works. At the end of the session the Observer fills in the Oberserver Form and notes especially good and poor problems. Hand in at the end of class.
  9. Hand in the Recorder’s work at the end of class if the entire packet is complete. The Recorder must sign the paper with his/her full name and the other students in the group must initial it.
Special Note: some group activities proceed by sections. Each group must notify the teacher when they have finished a section. When all groups have finished a section the instructor may choose to go over the section at the board. While waiting for other groups to finish you may go on to the next section.
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