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Homework: Chemical Formulas III

This is a very simple, very short assignment. It has the advantage of taking what you are learning about the formulas and naming of ionic compounds and making it apply to your everyday life.

Take a look around your house at some of the many chemical products you use. Many of them list their ingredients, or at least name the ‘active ingredient’. Look at these ingredients and figure out what the chemical formulas are using what you now know about the naming of compounds. You might look at a bottle of bleach or other laundry products. You might try other cleaning products. Take a look at personal care products: shampoo, make-up, deodorant, etc. Also, look at the processed foods in your kitchen. Those items must list their ingredients and usually there are one or two chemicals near the end of the list. Find ten different compounds and write their names and chemical formulas in the table below. As much as possible, try to figure out the formulas without using Google! Instead, use the reference sheet I gave you to identify the ions and figure out the correct, balanced formula. You can use the Ionic Construction Kit from General Chemistry Online to check your answers.

Name Chemical Formula
This homework belongs with the Chemical Formulas and Compounds group activity.
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