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Homework: Classification of Matter
Writing for Understanding

This is a writing assignment with three parts. To do it you will need to refer to a chemistry textbook or to a written set of notes about the Classification of Matter.

For each of the three parts below you will write one paragraph. Make the paragraph an example of your highest-quality writing. For each one, discuss the given list of words in your writing. Do not do this by writing in dictionary format with words followed by definitions. Instead, define each word by discussing it and relating it to the other words in the list. Use examples and be as specific as possible in your writing. Once you have written a paragraph for each section, find a partner and trade papers. Read you partner’s paper and write comments for each paragraph to correct errors in facts, spelling, grammar or style. Once you have both finished, trade papers back and write a completely new draft of the material with your partner’s comments in mind. Consult with your teacher for further assistance in making sure you have the facts straight. You may use Google docs to trade your work back and forth: use the built-in comment function. When you have completed your revisions you will write a final draft to turn in. Your typed document must inlcude your name, the date, your class period, and three paragraphs with the key words in bold type. Digital documents should include the original draft, showing comments, with the final draft below it.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Notes: Classification of Matter
Homework: Classification of Matter Worksheet with defitions and comprehension questions
Last updated: Nov 17, 2016