Flame Tests

Pre-lab Questions

Distribute copies of the lab itself with these questions as the background material on it is designed to help them to answer these questions.

Answer the following questions using your lab handout and other class materials as a reference.

  1. Describe the energy levels of an atom and how an electron moves between them. Be sure to describe how the electron absorbs and emits energy when it does so.
  2. What physical change happens to atoms and molecules in a solution that is strongly heated in a flame? Is there a phase change? If so, what is it?
  3. What is going on inside atoms of a metal when atoms of that metal are placed in a hot flame?
  4. Describe how you could figure out the flame test colors for a series of different salts. For example, NaCl, CaCl2, and KCl.
  5. What is required in order to be able to identify an element based on its flame test color?
  6. Why do different elements have different flame test colors?
  7. How to the designers of fireworks make the explosions have different colors?
  8. What are the wavelengths of light that are representative of the following colors: Violet, Blue, Blue-green, Green, Yellow-green, Yellow, Orange, and Red?
Lab: Flame Tests
Pre-lab Questions for Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Lab
Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Lab
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