Upward Bound Chemistry

Summer 2008

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Course Documents
Summer Assignments and Labs
Lab Safety Rules (RTF file)
Three-ring Binder Information
Lab Notebook Information
Lab Report Writing Information
Lab Grading Outline (html) How labs are graded

Course Overview

Instructor: Aaron Keller

In this course you will learn about some of the basic, important topics in chemistry. This should prepare you to approach a school-year chemistry course with some real confidence in conceptual knowledge, mathematical skills, and laboratory technique. I intend to cover the Scientific Notation, Unit Factors, and Atomic Structure. Several interesting labs will allow the topics we touch on to be a bit broader.

As with all the Upward Bound courses, you are not given a final grade. Instead, I will write a narrative evaluation which assesses:

This evaluation will be based, in part, on the grades you earn on the work you do. I will give grades for each assignment and test so that we can both keep track of your progress in the course.

Grade Weighting

The grading policy is designed to reflect how much work you put into learning. If you put in the effort to learn the material you will do well. Your grade will be based on the following categories.


Homework may be corrected and handed back to me within two days of receiving the graded work. Students may take a week to complete corrections to lab reports and projects. Quizzes cannot be done again for credit. For homework, copy the problems marked wrong and the corrected solution to a blank piece of paper, giving the name of the assignment, your name, and the date at the top. For lab reports and projects, submit a new draft along with the original draft for purposes of comparison. This opportunity applies to group-work as well but each member of the group is responsible for doing their own corrections individually.

It is the student’s responsibility to talk to me if they need help to make the corrections.

Note: Only work handed in on time is eligible for corrections.

Make-up Work

If you miss class, and it is an excused absence, then you may make up the work you missed. You must see me and ask for the work as soon as you return to class. We will determine due dates for make-up work as needed.

Late Work

Late work is subject to a penalty of 10 points on a 100 point assignment. Late work will be accepted only within two days of the original due date.

Group Work Defined

Working in small groups to solve problems is a great way to learn science. Here are a few documents to give group work some shape and definition so that it can be a self-regulating learning tool:

Group Work Information
Group Work Evaluation Form
Group Work Presenter Grading Form

A few useful links

Chemistry Links
Periodic Table (PDF) from http://www.webelements.com/
Periodic Table Image suitable for printing
Periodic Table colored by groups from http://www.chemicool.com/
A Reference Sheet of Common Atomic and Polyatomic Ions
Examples of Chemistry Problems
Vapor Pressure of Water Data
A fully-functional scientific calculator for chemistry including a table of useful constants.
A Partial Bibliography of works consulted
And here’s a useful download: a program that will quickly and easily convert units for you. Download and unzip to use.

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